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AFAB Sexual health/HIV Health Project  

The  AFAB Sexual Health / HIV Project is about:  

  • Creating awareness and engagement involving sexual health and healthcare, within the AFAB community 

  • Increasing awareness and services for  HIV+gender diverse people

  • STD Prevention methods

  • De-stigmatizing HIV.

The Sexual Health Project also reduces
barriers to wellness and addresses underlying social determinants of health, 
by training providers to be competent in providing trans-affirming care.

Need to catch up and listen to different AFAB experiences and the different stigmas about sexuality, masculinity, and more attached to transmen, transmasculine, and AFAB individuals.
If you missed our last panel featuring trans men/trans masculine leaders you definitely don't want to miss out on this round with a twist. Join us to listen to different Trans experiences advocating while navigating their lives in the same systems.
Register Here or email [email protected]

This is the launch of Trans(forming) campaign to bring awareness for sexual health in all AFAB bodies and end the stigma related to AFAB sexual health.

Stay tuned !!! Share!!! Engage!!!

AFAB be counted and heard for sexual health research,knowledge for providers and self,and resources . Please take a few mins to fill out our survey

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“Supported by a grant from the Southern AIDS Coalition through the Gilead COMPASS Initiative®. Gilead Sciences, Inc. has had no input into the development or content of these materials.”

Let’s Stop HIV Together!!!! For more information on how Trans(forming) is helping end the epidemic contact us !!!! Or read the information above for a brief description of our sexual health project!!!!