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"In response to this pandemic, Men Stopping Violence created The Huddle, an online space that gives men the opportunity to share, support one another, and gain healthy coping skills – all with the ultimate intent of keeping women and children safe."  Read more.

"Carving out two weekly, one-hour online ZOOM discussion groups (nationwide) was the result, allowing a space where men could safely and freely connect with other men. The conversations are directed by trained professionals and topics shift. It’s a bridge that links ideas and positive action." Read more.

May 13: Wednesday @ 6:30p
Richard Bathrick Co-Founder of Men Stopping Violence and author of We Are the Work, Huddles Up to find humor in the midst of heartbreaking events.

May 15: Friday @ noon
Trans(forming) - Even apart we’re in this together. Join BT & Quin from Trans(forming) as we explore how COVID is effecting communities differently. 

May 20: Wednesday @ 6:30p
Carl Banks, 2 time Superbowl Champion and President of GIII Sports.

May 22: Friday @ noon
Rev. Brady Bradford, known as Brotherbrady, is Pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church and owner of The Lovewell Collective, a counseling practice.


History was made at the FIRST National Trans March!!!

For the latest digital happenings, and news about this year's march, click HERE.

(but don't clap too soon)

Morehouse has decided to accept trans men starting in 2020, however, we should not be so desperate for good news that we clap for anything we get.

Trans and gender non-conforming alumni of the college are mostly rallying against this policy. They deserve our support.

The main argument: 

The policy will exclude anyone who does not fully conform to manhood and will allow Morehouse administration to use gender policing to target students for de-enrollment. 
Notable alumni, like award winning Black LGBTQ+ researcher Jafari Allen, have went as far as penning public letters to the college president that Trans(forming) strongly encourages you all to read.

Some may argue that Morehouse is a men's college so only men should be there. However, we cannot forget that Morehouse enacted an exclusionary dress code policyin 2009 banning men from wearing "feminine garments".

It would be no surprise if Morehouse discriminates against trans men who apply by requiring they have certain surgeries, physiques, and gender expression before matriculation. It should be understood that gender policing in any form is anti-trans.

Morehouse alumni make it clear that trans men will not be safe on this campus as is.

We should listen to students who have survived Morehouse and continue to hold the institution accountable to ensure trans men who may decide to attend the institution can thrive in a safe environment.