Creating What We Need


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 Monthly Meetings

In our meetings, we host group therapeutic sessions, and casual social events; with topics such as:

  • Families and relationships

  • Struggles and triumphs

  • Money Management 

  • Medical and legal options 

  • Racism in trans spaces  

  • Co-meetings with AMAB (assigned male at birth), and much more !

Thanks everyone who attended via Zoom and in-person, we received great information on how to budget, manage, and stretch our financial resources.  As well as, building our credit and getting and staying out of debt.

Thanks everyone who attended. We did some much needed conversation self -care and the intersectionality's that add barriers that stop us from taking care of our selves, what is healing for us as individuals, and more . We will be having a series of events and meeting on this topic and those that overlap. Stay tuned!!!!

Thanks to everyone who attended the listening session with Amir Jones on the ACA (Affordable Care Act). If you missed the meeting and need information on the ACA or have any questions please email [email protected]