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OUR Projects

Covid 19 Help

Our community historically is hit first and the hardest with a longer recovery time. As a community with limited resources and with non traditional jobs due to the many barriers we face, many are gig economy workers. Over the past year, we have seen the continued struggles to meet our community's basic necessities.  Over the past year Trans(forming) has raised funds to support those directly impacted by this ongoing pandemic. We have raised funding and supported over 20 individuals and their families by providing direct funding for rental assistance, food, utilities, transportation, and COVID-19 supplies. 

Prison Project

 Trans men, intersex, gender non-conforming people of color, assigned female at birth (including those who ID as male/ man) and those who are questioning are often targeted by law enforcement. Many are misgendered, mistreated and have little access to transitional needs while incarcerated. We have made contact with our local prisons and are connecting with as many trans men, intersex, gender non-conforming , assigned female at birth (including those who ID as male/ man) and those who are questioning .

AFAB Sexual Health/HIV Project

Creating awareness and engagement involving sexual health and healthcare, within the AFAB community, increasing awareness and services for HIV+gender diverse people,

STD Prevention methods, and

de-stigmatizing HIV.

The Sexual Health Project also reduces barriers to wellness and addresses underlying social determinants of health,

by training providers to be competent in providing trans-affirming care.

Trans(forming) House Fund

Provides emergency and short-term housing for members and partners of Trans(forming) who are faced with eviction, housing instability, and a range of barriers to accessing safe and permanent housing. The purpose of residing at Trans(forming) House is not only to provide members with safe and affirming housing, but to help with setting a goal and meet it, help create and maintain a budget, and help save. These are required, essential life skills that will help members long after they leave Trans(forming) House.  We need housing now more than ever! Our community has been hit hard by the ongoing pandemic and are in need of one of life's basic necessities, housing.

Trans* Stopping Violence

Through our anti-violence project we address trans-phobia, and raise awareness around inter-personal violence within the trans community. We have made a concentrated effort of addressing the increasing violence, often fatal, against trans and gender non-confirming individuals by expanding our peer support groups, providing resources, and

providing safety plans and tips that we have found to be effective for Trans, Intersex, and Gender non-confirming individuals.

MALTHA Co-Founders

Metro Atlanta Lesbian and Trans Housing Alliance is based in the Metro Atlanta area. It is a multi-racial, multi-generational, sexual and gender minority alliance, working to build housing equity. Lesbian and Trans-led, we are committed to advocating for the unique needs of our constituents, which overlap greatly. We coalesce to galvanize into action, maximize our resources and exercise our power knowing that lesbian and Trans people are disproportionately represented among those experiencing housing-insecurity and homelessness. We are often not considered in other housing programs.

COVID-19 Vaccination Project

Trans(forming) has partnered with Men Stopping Violence and the project was made possible with funding from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention and in partnership with Community Catalyst.