Creating What We Need


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We combat these issues by:

  • Expanding our peer support groups

  • Providing resources 

  • Providing safety plans and tips that we have found to be effective for Trans, Intersex, and Gender non-confirming individuals 

The day before Tony Mcdade was murder by a police officer he was attacked by 5 men because of his gender identity a transman. This is the reality that many trans individuals have to face violence for being themselves. As the country is protesting for #Black Lives Matter the voice of Black trans people aren't acknowledged and fought for the same. On May 27 Tony was murdered by a police officer in Tallahassee Florida. The national protest and recognition of his Life and Name have been excluded because of his gender identity. Even in his death the world is still misgendering him to well known for the trans community. 

We uplift and #SayHisName #Tony Mcdade#RIP KING# Black Trans Lives Matter #Black Transmen Are Black Men

Below in the link is an article on the threat and violence Black Transmen/Black Transmasculine folks face with police and the prison industrial complex.

#Black Transmen Are Black Men# Black Trans Lives Matter